They have a unique blend of rock, pop and groove music with Chris McCauliffe’s soaring guitar work and Mike McCauliffe laying down a solid foundation on bass. Greg Petty, Boom! Magazine

A fun listen – college radio at its finest, I would recommend the album. John Mosley,

There’s just a feel-good quality that’s hard to ignore. It’s the kind of music you can listen to any time. This band isn’t quite as bluesy as Gov’t Mule, but if you’re a fan of Gov’t Mule & other jam bands, there is definitely a place for the McCauliffe Brothers Band in your collection. Gary Schwind, Incognito Magazine

It’s Likely for the McCauliffe Brothers Band to find success. Jim Pasinski, JP’s Music Blog

A good contender for bigger success. Fans of funk should like it, fans of jam bands should like it, and modern radio rock/pop fans will also take an interest. Ryan Mowry, Ryan’s Reviews

Smooth, clean and slick guitar work. I bet they’re a fun live party band. Dale Berkebile, Sound Convictions

Very emotionally charged & beautiful. Damien Hughes, Queep Organic

Wow, great production, amazing sound. Andrew Tuckman,

Solid musicians with good songs. Dave Goff,

This gem came to me a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been listening to it non-stop ever since. Must hear new jam band […] a rock-solid band with an awesome guitarist. Brian Bugler,

Songs in this era don’t seem to have many good guitar solos in them, so it’s nice to hear. Liz Leake, Undiscovered

The subtle vocals and guitar breaks are really good. Greg Jones, Ear to the Ground Music

Chris McCauliffe’s clean-cut vocals are a rarity in the jam band scene, where musical prowess thrives but singing takes a back seat. Hans Werksman, Here Comes the Flood

The band’s three members have plenty of chemistry and show the ability to produce strong tracks. Tyler Confoy, The Daily Tar Heel